Our Story

Full Keel Farm is a small, family farm owned by Julia & Earl Keel. Our flower farm developed out of our love for growing, decades working in & around agriculture, and our desire to build a small farm at our home in north central Florida. We met working at a research station on a large Florida cattle ranch, where we started growing vegetables together in a small garden. Over the next several years, we planted more and more vegetables, often while dreaming about scaling up our hobby growing and having our own small farm. In the spring of 2017, inspired by the Slow Flowers movement, we added two 50-ft beds of cosmos and zinnias into our vegetable garden, and quickly decided to transition to growing flowers. As we continue to build our farm, we are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to grow beautiful flowers and share them with our north central Florida community.


How can I purchase your flowers? Our farm currently sells only to florists and floral designers who sign up for a wholesale buyer account. For more details on our direct to florist sales, click here. If you are a retail customer interested in purchasing our flowers, follow us on Instagram to see what florists have our flowers available each week!

When are your flowers available? While the start and end date of our flower season will depend a lot on weather, we expect to have flowers available from February-June, and from late September to mid-November. During July & August, when the Florida climate creates some pretty harsh conditions for growing flowers, we plant a cover crop in our fields and shift our focus to preparing for fall.

Can I visit your farm? Our farm is a working farm, but also our home, so at this time our farm is not open to visitors. If in the future we decide to host any on-farm events we will share that information here!

I’d like to start my own flower farm in Florida, can you help? There are lots of great ways to learn about growing flowers in Florida. Follow the Florida Grown Flowers Instagram to connect with other Florida growers, join the Warm Climate Flower Farmers Group on Facebook, and join the ASCFG! For more in-depth help on topics like crop selection, crop planning, pest and disease management, I offer remote consulting on a limited basis. Please email me for details and pricing information.